We have all been in a style rut — a feeling wherein you feel that you are no longer putting on a style but a uniform. Dressing up should make you feel inspired and energetic after, and if you feel that everything seems monotonous. It’s time to break that streak and revitalize your look! Here are some tips to get out of that situation and quick!


#1 Get your hair done


It’s one of the ways to start changing your whole look into another direction. Get your hair done today even if it is just for a trim. You’ll be surprised on how different you will look and feel after.


#2 Try trends that you never thought you will ever do


Being too comfortable with your style is what causes a style rut, so try a trend that you never thought you would! 


Select one that will compliment your current style. Example: Always monochromatic? Add a pop of color! Always conservative? Hike up the hem of your skirt! Always plain? Wear a print.


#3 Go to a different direction but in the same genre


If you are a dress person, try on the pants version of your style. If you are a classic, covered sophisticate, why not try a classic, semi-daring look? It’s all about exploring the genre of style that you love and the reinterpretation of it.


Hope this helps!







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