Speed dating may not be common in Metro Manila, but just in case you ladies get invited in such a social — here are some outfit tips!


#1 Dress like you are meeting a great friend whom you haven’t seen for a long time.




In speed dating, you will be meeting several people all at the same time and you can’t possibly change one clothing after another in between to suit the mood. 


Therefore, dress like you are meeting a great friend whom you haven’t seen for a long time. Usually in this case, you will dress comfortable and casual, making you more open to the several people you are meeting. 


#2 Wear 1 identifier




Speed dating is well — fast! As such, you need something that your date will remember you for. 


Pick one loud thing from your closet and dampen it with some basics or grounding items. This way, from the slew of choices, you will be remembered at least by one identifying item. You can also wear just one big accessory and plan your whole outfit with that. 


#3 Don’t wear something that easily creases or gets stained on.




Because you don’t want to end up being remembered as the girl who had the stain or the look like an iron is about to chase after her. Enough said.



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